February 18, 2016

The thought of leather might bring unpleasant memories of bachelor pads or discount furniture from your college days immediately to the forefront of your mind, but leather often gets … read more

Thinking of renovating your Kitchen in the near future? One of my favorite areas of the kitchen to design is the pantry. Whether you're considering a full-blown Butler's Pantry, or a … read more

Door Crush

February 12, 2016

This edition of "Door Crush" features an instant pick-me-up color, yellow. With spring just around the corner, it's only fitting to renew our visual senses with a dollop of this cheer… read more

The Golden Crush

February 9, 2016

You likely have a preference when it comes to choosing Silver or Gold, and while both can make a stunning finish for your project, today's spotlight shines on Gold. l one l two l thr… read more

The Hanging Mirror

February 6, 2016

The hanging mirror is a fun and trendy accessory good for use in just about any room you could think of! It's almost like a piece of jewelry "draped" over your favorite accent wall or… read more

Designing a Dining Room for my clients usually includes finding the perfect fixture to amplify their personal style, while creating a focal point of interest in the room. The right ch… read more

Unexpected Shower Materials

February 1, 2016

The materials you select for your shower can be just as innovative as the design! I enjoy seeing unexpected surfaces on the walls we see and use most frequently. Taking an unconventi… read more

Having Fun With Tile

January 28, 2016

The possibilities with tile are truly endless. From exciting entry flooring to unexpected feature walls, fun patterns and colors can easily be introduced to the favorite areas in your… read more

Gray Day

January 24, 2016

Ever get completely stuck on one color and find yourself making multiple purchases within the same color family? Creating a Grey, monochromatic space in your home is a fun way to indu… read more

If you've been a victim of Cabin Fever over the last few days, you're probably spending a great deal of time indoors thinking of all of the areas in your home that could use a little … read more