Crushing on Gingham

February 26, 2016

Gingham is one of those classic patterns that will always be welcome in traditional and transitional designs. I find joy in blending timeless prints with modernized silhouettes for my… read more

Gray Day

January 24, 2016

Ever get completely stuck on one color and find yourself making multiple purchases within the same color family? Creating a Grey, monochromatic space in your home is a fun way to indu… read more

Neutral colors are a great foundation to any design scheme. Not only do I find neutrals cozy, but they're easy to mix with trendy colors you might want to do away with after a season … read more

No matter how advanced your organization skills might be, nothing brings down a space more than a pile of clutter,  knick-knacks or unidentified objects. While shopping for my clients, I… read more

2016 Color Of The Year

November 3, 2015

It's always fun to witness the roll out of the official color for the following year, but next year's color is in a league of it's very own! With "Simply White" named as Benjamin Moor… read more

Kitchen Wish Listing

November 1, 2015

It's officially the time of year when you're entertaining, baking, serving and decorating out of one of my personal favorite rooms in the home, the kitchen! I always keep an eye out for f… read more

The perfect addition to a coffee table, vanity arrangement or bedside table. Choose to stack them, place them on shelves or hoard some of your favorite trinkets inside. Available in h… read more

Ever walk into your local RH showroom and wonder how you can achieve the look on your own? Achieving their signature look can be boiled down to a few key rules that will have your fav… read more

Spotlight on Lanterns

May 29, 2015

Like shoes, there's a lantern for every occasion. The lantern chandelier takes on many shapes, finishes, sizes and "personalities", so finding the right chandelier for you can be a f… read more

Highlight on Hardware

May 28, 2015

The right hardware will put the perfect finishing touch on your favorite piece of furniture, making your space feel well thought out and complete! Time invested on finding hardware fo… read more