Pillow Talk: Creating The Perfect Pillow Arrangement

January 15, 2015


Have you been meaning to update or find new pillows for your sofa, but finding yourself stressed about the commitment of choosing the perfect pillow arrangement? This post is for you! Pillows are an important part of your lounging area, and with a few quick considerations, you’ll elevate your space in no time at all!

Mixing: Not quite bold enough to participate in the pattern mixing trend around the office? It’s ok, you can live out your wild child from the comfort of your sofa. If you gravitate towards several different patterns, see how they work together. You can also mix patterns in the same color scheme for a modified approach to mixing!

Matching: You can create a stunning pillow arrangement by combining several pillows in the same hue. Want to stick to beachy blues? Try breaking things up with trims.

Stacking + Layering: Pillows don’t have to stay on the sofa. They’re great for movie night and floor activities. Go large and have extra seating alternatives for your guests! (Think children’s slumber parties + theatre rooms)

Patterns: One of my favorite designer pillows to use on my projects can be found over at Missoni. Their vibrant color palettes and patterns are just the right spark for an otherwise mellow sofa. Don’t believe me, see for yourself!

Solids: Sometimes being traditional means sticking with the basics – and that’s ok! Consider introducing a variety of sizes or materials to add interest.

Textures: Fur, velvet, linen… these are only a few of the options that can add a bit of texture to your sofa.